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The Duke's Struggle

Presentation to the Queen

The Coming Out Ball

L Fulton is a writer of historical and contemporary romance. With a love of writing that began as a small child, L Fulton has finally written her first novel, The HOUSE of KINGSTON.

This novel is about how Colt Kingsley unexpectedly becomes the Duke of Kingston when his older brother is thrown from his phaeton and killed during a storm. Miss Aurora Fulton is a servant of her guardian when the Duke of Kingston petitions the court to gain her as his ward at his Mother's request. The Dowager Duchess wanted to take in her dear friend, Patience's daughter, and introduce her into society. Antics ensue and Aurora shows up abused and injured, Colt, ever the unfeeling Major in the King's Army, helps care for her and the two fall in love. The catch is, Colt doesn't want Aurora to be tied to an old man, but cannot stand another suitor to talk to her. Aurora enjoys tweaking Colt's temper and it backfires. A hidden figure enters Colt's life from the past and helps save the day after evil tries to drive them apart. Will these two ever be able to come together with the favor of the ton?

If you love regency romance, this book is for you! Read about the soldier that saves the life of the Duke of Wellington and returns after years in Belgium and France, a hero in the King's Army.  Read about the heroine that suffers horrible abuse but never lets anything keep her down and takes the London season and the ton by storm. If you are a fan of passion and desire, and the awkward, confusing act of falling in love, you do not want to miss this great read or how the future turns out for The HOUSE of KINGSTON.

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